– Advertise in 3D/VR

Advertise your business in 3D/VR. 4AI creates 3D/VR apps that have a lot of 3D space available for ads. You can advertise in a visually attractive way by immersing your 2D or 3D adverts in our 3D virtual worlds.

Note: You are not required to provide 3D models of your ads. Images of your current 2D ads are enough, but if you wish, it’s possible to use also 3D models. You can provide them yourself or you can ask us for a quote related to the creation of such models.

We want our apps to be visually attractive so that the user had a good reason to visit areas with your ads. That’s why many apps will contain beautiful mountainous areas or other scenes of nature captured with a specialized equipment. We will also release 3D/VR apps on some interesting subjects e.g. science or Mars.

All those apps will become a part of the XWeb3D / XWebVR and one day they will be integrated into one global world.

Visit the following websites to learn more on some of the apps we plan to release:

Initially, all the apps will not require the access to internet once they are downloaded and installed. If you purchase an Advert3D and the user chooses not to update the app, potentially your add can stay forever, even if you paid for a short period of time. We plan that the minimum period of the ad-related subscription would be at least 1 year.

We are open to your suggestions on how your ad should look like and where it could be placed.

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We can also use the following names to describe advertising products and services: AdvertsVR, AdvertsAR, AdvertsXR, 4Ads3D, 4Ad3D.

Visit us soon for more information.