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Please help us build a vast 3D/VR world – AIPlanet3D – that can be used to train AI. Please donate 3D models, money or support us in any other way.

Donate 3D models

At some point AIPlanet3D could become also a place for AI products and services where different types of AI would operate. Note that AI doesn’t need any physical body to operate. We think that often instead of  building an expensive machine, AI could operate in 3D/VR/AR/MR (XR-Extended Reality). Especially the AR/MR (Augmented Reality / Mixed Reality) case is interesting. For example, if most people use some sort of AR lenses / glasses in the future, machines will be needed mainly to transport physical things and to interact physically e.g. with people, but they are not needed in many other cases e.g. in communication or to present something. So it is possible that in the future there will be physical shops with AI shop assistants that would be visible only via AR/MR glasses or lenses.

The aim is also to build a system we call AICore3D that could be used by third party plugins – AIPlugin3D. You could test and train those plugins in AIPlanet3D instead of the real world, which would decrease the costs. Once they are done, potentially you could configure different plugins to operate with each other to create AIMind3D / AIBrain3D. Then AIMind3D could be tested and trained again (if needed) and at the end it could be transferred to some sort of future hardware (e.g. a robot).

AICore3D and AIPlanet3D could be also a temporary solution aiming to make AI as safe as possible before it is released to the physical world. If AI is detached from the physical world, it is less likely to cause problems to humanity. So it is possible that we can end up with AI living in 3D/VR/AR/MR (XR) worlds mainly and it will become a permanent solution.


Note: Instead of the name AIPlanet3D, we will also use the names AIPlanetVR, AIPlanetAR, AIPlanetMR, AIPlanetXR and AIPlanetX in different products or situations.

Note: Instead of the name AICore3D we will also use the following names: AICoreVR, AICoreAR, AICoreMR, AICoreXR.

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