/ MountainsVR – Mountains in 3D/VR

Mountains3D & MountainsVR are our marketing names to describe products that present mountains in 3D/VR. We will release many apps presenting different mountains.

We plan to release free apps with ads, cheap apps with some adds, and slightly more expensive ones without any ads. There will be also 3D only apps, VR apps and 3D/VR apps.

Ads are to be immersed in 3D/VR worlds and don’t have to be 3D models. They can be just images of your ads, products etc. So it doesn’t require extra investment on 3D model design.

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“Mountains3D – Tatra – Morskie Oko – Tatry” is coming soon!

The free version of the app “Mountains3D – Tatra – Morskie Oko – Tatry” will be released very soon. It will present a beautiful region in the Tatra Mountains in Poland – the lake Morskie Oko (The Sea Eye) in 3D/VR.

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We may also use the following names to describe apps presenting mountains in 3D/VR/AR/MR (XR-Extended Reality):  XMountains, XMountainsVR, XMountainsAR, XMountainsXR, MountVR, MountXR, VRMount3D, VRMountains3D, ARMountains3D, XRMountains3D, ARMount3D, XRMount3D, XMount3D, XMount3D, XMountVR, XMountAR, XMountXR.

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