XRPLANET3D stands for a 3D/VR app and website that will be created by 4AI. It aims to become one of the most important sources of information on XR, XR apps, products and services. If you are interested in buying ads or rent a 3D/VR space, feel free to contact 4AI. See also Adverts3D.

XR means VR, AR and MR collectively, where VR stands for Virtual Reality, AR – Augmented Reality, MR – Mixed Reality.

XRPlanet3D.com is coming soon.  Buy ads now!

In order to filter out information or apps only related to specific technologies, the following websites & 3D/VR are planned to be created:

  • VRPLANET3D – a portal & 3D/VR app for Virtual Reality apps, related products, services and news. Buy ads now! VRPLANET3D / VRPLANET are coming soon!
  • ARPLANET3D – a portal & 3D/VR app for Augmented Reality apps, related products and services as well as news. Buy adverts now! ARPlanet3D is coming soon!
  • MRPLANET3D – a portal & 3D/VR for Mixed Reality apps, related products, services and MR news. Buy advertisements now! MRPlanet3D is coming soon!